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Electrotherapies are another essential part of a physiotherapy session and each one provides a unique function for the body.

  • Heat Therapy - Heat therapy has great benefits to the animal including:​​

    • Increased blood flow leading to oxygen and nutrients being delivered to areas of damage​

    • Increased muscle extensibility

    • Reduced muscular spasm

    • Increased relaxation

    • Reduced pain

    • Increased nerve function and response

  • Cryotherapy - Cryotherapy or 'cold therapy' is another useful electrotherapy as it promotes:​

    • Reduced inflammation​

    • Reduced pain

  • Laser - The laser is great at treating areas of muscular or tendinous pain, as well as promoting healing in areas of damaged tissue. The light energy from the laser beam is absorbed by a protein in the tissues resulting in:

    • Decreased pain​

    • Increased healing due to fibroblast production

    • Reduced inflammation

  • TENS - TENS or 'transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation' is used to create a muscle pump via electrodes placed on motor points within the muscle. It helps to:

    • Increase blood flow to an area​

    • Provide a freedom from pain, especially chronic pain

    • Provide a relaxation response from the animal

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