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Manual Therapies

Manual therapies form the majority of a treatment session and they include massage, stretching and passive range of motion.

  • Massage - Massage has many benefits and depending on the massage stroke performed different outcomes can be achieved. Some of the main benefits include:

    • Increased muscle extensibility

    • Decreased muscular tension

    • Reduced pain sensation

    • Increased relaxation

    • Increased range of motion

    • Reduced delayed onset muscle soreness

    • Reduced muscle spasm

    • Increased muscle temperature

  • Stretching - Stretching has great effects on the animal including

    • Improved joint range of motion

    • Increased extensibility of the muscle-tendon unit and periarticular connective tissues

    • Return of normal neuromuscular balance between muscle groups

    • Reduced compression of joint surfaces

    • Increased relaxation

  • Passive Range of Motion - This is where the joints are moved through their full range of motion whilst the animal is non-weight bearing in the dog's case or standing in the case of the horse. This is beneficial because it helps to:

    • Feel for any restrictions in the joint

    • Lubricate the joint space

    • Increase extensibility of the joint and periarticular structures​​​​​

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