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All initial physiotherapy sessions start with an assessment. This is made up of the following parts:

  1. Clinical History - This is where we sit and have a chat about your animal's history. This may include any previous injuries or surgeries, any medications your animal may currently be on, as well as your animal's workload and exercise regime. 

  2. Static Assessment - The static assessment involves me having a look at your animal to document conformation, angles of joints, muscle development or lack of, lumps, bumps and scars. 

  3. Dynamic Assessment - The dynamic assessment consists of you walking your animal back and forth in a straight line in walk and in trot. It is then useful to see the animal turn in a tight circle, as well as taking a few steps backwards. In the case of the horses, sometimes it is good to see them on the lunge or under saddle. 

  4. Range of Motion - This is where each joint is put through its full range of motion to test for any restrictions or issues.

  5. Discussion - It is essential to have a chat about how you feel your animal is at the moment in time, any details (however small!) are great at building a picture of the animal and really help to provide a suitable treatment plan.

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